Installing speed and red light camera alerts on your Garmin Nuvi

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School zone, speed and red light camera alerts are now de rigueur on portable GPS navigators. While Garmin's Nuvi range has an excellent alerting system, you need to be the Howard Carter of the internet to find them. We show you how, although we make no guarantees about avoiding Tutankhamun's curse.

(Speed Aware image by Chris Chidsey, Royalty Free)

As we discovered when we reviewed the Nuvi 260W and 760, Garmin has a very good safety camera warning system, which will alert you to upcoming red light and speed cameras, as well as school zones. There's a unique voice warning for each camera or zone type, a nice step up from the generic chime and visual warning offered on GPS devices from other makers.

Unfortunately, these warnings don't come preloaded on any current Garmin Nuvi units — a careless oversight considering the brand is being marketed on its ease of use. To get these warnings you'll have to go to Garmin's website, find the special Points of Interest (POI) files and install them on your device. These files don't exactly fall out of the sky and into your lap, so we've prepared this quick step-by-step guide for you.

  1. Go to Garmin's Custom POI Downloads page.
    Note: If you have problems accessing the above link directly or get a "Page Not Found - 404" error try the following steps instead. Go to the Garmin Australia website, select Australia from the "Select Your Country" drop down box, click "On the Road", scroll down and then click on "Custom POI Downloads".
  2. Download the POI files for speed cameras, red light cameras and school zones
  3. Unzip the .gpi files from each of those zip files
  4. Connect your Garmin to your PC or Mac via USB
  5. Go to your Garmin device, then to the "Garmin" folder. If you see a folder named "POI" go to the next step, otherwise create said directory
  6. Copy all the .gpi files that you've downloaded and extracted into the Garmin's "POI" directory
  7. Disconnect your Garmin from your computer and — voila! — warnings for school zones, as well as speed and red light cameras.
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MoviestomT posted a comment   

Alerts from PGPSW Missing - Garmin Database - Resolution

Recently there have been a few threads regarding some cameras not giving
alerts when using the PGPSW database on Garmin Nuvi units.

After some testing it appears the default behaviour is as follows:

If you are under the speed limit then there is NO Proximity Alert and NO Overspeed Alert of any kind.

If you are over the speed limit on approach to the site an initial Proximity Alert is made (Low 'Bong, Bong' Sound and grey alert banner "xx mph Speed Alert Ahead"). Once inside the Proximity Alert, if you remain over the speed limit then the OverSpeed Alert is made (Higher 'Bong, Bong' and red alert banner "xx mph Speed Alert Ahead"). Dropping below the speed limit after the Proximity Alert and before the site results the in the Overspeed Alerts stopping.

This has been tested in the real world and on simulated runs with a Garmin Nuvi 760T on a road with many Gatsos, Monitrons and Mobile sites.


Read More :


Stooge posted a comment   

Go to Support > Updates and Downloads then Mapping Programs. There is the POI loader.


RINGO posted a comment   



ray posted a comment   

lucky you. buggered if i can find the site to install the red light camera warnings. followed all directions but found no POI icon to click on.


bob posted a comment   

is there any way to get the old free files back?... greedy **** making us need to pay now for something that was originally free....i use to have the free poi's until i had to replace my old gps with a new one under warranty , i no longer have the files either


Frank posted a comment   

found a site that gives all the speed and red light cameras variable aswell as the new safety cameras (red and speed light)for garmin nuvi


tb posted a comment   

does this work or a Garmin 1690


steve c posted a comment   

I'd say Gamrin have removed the free POI's


Angry posted a comment   

The links and instructions on how to find the files do not work. There is no "Custom POI Downloads".

Any info I can find regarding speed cameras is in their store where you have to pay to get them.

Can someone please explain what's going on?


cathred posted a reply   

I want the school zones and your right there are no custom POI

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