Instapaper now on Android

The iOS darling Instapaper is finally bringing its bookmarking skills to Android.

(Credit: Mobelux)

To the delight of many an avid reader, fan-favourite iOS bookmarking app Instapaper has finally made its way to the Android platform. Built by mobile-app developer Mobelux, the official Instapaper app brings its dead-simple interface and monochromatic design to a swath of new users.

If you're not familiar with Instapaper, it's a tool that lets you quickly and easily save articles for reading later. So, if you don't have time to dive into that lengthy blog post or interview, you can simply use Instapaper to create a short-term (or long-term) bookmark, and easily pull it up at a more convenient time. You can even read your saved items while you're offline.

Some of you may notice that Instapaper sounds a lot like Pocket (formerly known as Read It Later), my long-time favourite bookmarking tool for Android. Well, that's because they perform basically the same core function. The biggest difference right off the bat, though, is that Instapaper costs AU$3.07, while Pocket won't cost you a single cent. Keeping this in mind, I'm interested to see whether this iOS darling can gain traction with Android users who might already be familiar with the recently redesigned Pocket.

Instapaper is available now for AU$3.07 on Google Play.


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