Intel shows off human interaction in devices at CES 2014

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At CES 2014, Intel brings human-like senses to a range of devices, including a 3D camera that sees depth much like the human eye.

Intel vice president Kirk Skaugen discussing 3D cameras at last year's CES.
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Called the Intel RealSense 3D camera, the device is 1080p and can detect a number of different gestures, from finger movements all the way through to facial expressions. It is also able to separate foreground from background and can be used to scan objects in 3D.

Skype offers one potential application for the RealSense camera, with Intel stating that via Skype and Lync, users will be able to manipulate and change the background during a video call. This opens up a number of different possibilities including simulating chroma key.

The push for 3D scanning and printing continues as Intel also revealed that in conjunction with 3D Systems, users will be able to create 3D-printed objects using the RealSense camera in a range of devices. The RealSense camera will start to appear in 2-in-1, tablet and ultrabooks from the second half of this year, from manufacturers like Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu and HP.

"For decades, people have had to learn new languages, techniques and commands to get our devices to do what we want," said Mooly Eden, senior vice president, general manager of the Perceptual Computing Group. "Our vision with Intel RealSense technology is to reverse that, and make our devices learn and understand us."

Also on the theme of human interaction, Intel also revealed that a new version of Dragon Assistant will be available early this year. Dragon Assistant works in conjunction with your voice, responding to commands in natural language. Like other voice assistants, Dragon lets you ask for directions and check your calendar — except that it has selectable personalities to choose from. Lenovo will supply the first tablet that comes with Dragon early in 2014.

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