Intel whips out quad-core Surface-like tablet, runs Android

Intel doesn't make tablets, but maybe it should.

Intel demoed a tablet that looks similar to Microsoft's Surface RT. Notice the Surface-like kickstand and detachable keyboard. Inside is a quad-core "Bay Trail" chip.
(Credit: Intel)

At a Computex keynote speech, the company showed a decidedly thin, Microsoft Surface-like tablet running a quad-core Bay Trail processor.

Bay Trail is Intel's redesigned Atom chip, offering performance that gets a lot closer to the chipmaker's mainstream laptop processors than the Atom of old.

"Four cores, out-of-order execution, HD 4000 graphics ... all-day battery life," Intel said during the demonstration.

The reference design tablet is made by BYD Electronic (International), according to an Intel spokesperson. BYD also makes HP's Slate 7 Android tablet.

The demo guy showed tablets running both Android and Windows 8 games.

On Android, he demoed the game Candy Rush, while on a Windows 8 tablet, he ran Steam's Torchlight II.

And speaking of gaming graphics, Intel is expected to announce on Wednesday at Computex that the graphics chip inside of Bay Trail offers "3x" (threefold) the performance of the "Clover Trail" graphics — the most recent iteration of Atom.

Also of note is Intel's new 4G/long-term evolution (LTE) chips. Tablets being brandished at Computex also integrate the company's own LTE chips. It's not unlike Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3, which uses both an Intel Atom processor and Intel's 4G/LTE silicon.

Another shot of Intel's Bay Trail reference design tablet, made by BYD.
(Credit: Intel)


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pritipandey posted a comment   

its too gud...........


dawesi1 posted a comment   

Who's going to buy this? Android is 6 months from being ditched by google in favour of ChromeOS...

Add to the weirdo-file.

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