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The chip giant has launched a social media competition where your very own bizarre concept hybrid device could be made into a AU$25,000 prototype.

The Asus Taichi is part of the main prize up for grabs.
(Credit: Asus)

It's no secret that the ultrabook is doing it tough in the marketplace, with consumers not exactly clamouring for the small form factor laptops.

Consequently, the market focus has shifted to convertibles or hybrids — devices that combine both tablet and ultrabook functionality.

Intel, which owns the trademark on the name "Ultrabook", has kicked off a social media competition to hype the range of convertible ultrabooks ,calling for entrants to identify two items they'd combine to make something better.

The prizes include, not surprisingly, convertible ultrabooks from Asus, Samsung and Toshiba. The main prize, however, is the actual manufacture of a prototype of your idea, with the maximum cost of the prototype being AU$25,000. The Good Guys is partnering on the competition, and will also be offering $100 back on ultrabooks over $1000 and $50 back on ultrabooks under $1000, up until the comp closes on 28 March.

Entry is via the Intel or Good Guys Facebook pages, and a full list of terms and conditions are here. Our entry? "Bourbon" and "mouth". Combine those two and everything is better — especially AU$25,000 worth of bourbon.

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SteveB3 posted a comment   

We've tried the mobile office concept with a notebook and found it incredibly slow - then saw a builder use an iPad to call up and blow out plans in a way that even a full size PC can't. Leading on from an article in an industry magazine we're now looking at tablets for outdoor use that will synch with our computers back in the office, reports with photos all ready for upload.

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