Intel's even thinner ultrabook of the future

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So, just how thin will future touchscreen ultrabooks get? Intel has provided plenty of guidance on how to get there.

Intel shows how thin major components need to be to make an ultrabook that is 15mm at its thickest point.
(Credit: Intel)

Ultrabooks these days typically range between 17mm and 20mm in thickness. With the emergence of Windows 8 tablet-esque ultrabooks with touchscreens, Intel wants to shave off a few more millimetres.

At its annual IDF conference last week in San Francisco, Intel released a slide (above) showing a touchscreen ultrabook with a thinly sliced 2.5mm keyboard (Microsoft's Surface tablet has a keyboard that is 3mm thin by comparison), a sub-0.5mm touch panel and a 5mm hard-disk drive.

It just so happens that Western Digital has been teasing a 5mm hard-disk drive this week.

Western Digital's 5mm drive comes in a capacity of 500GB with a solid-state cache.
(Credit: AnandTech)

And that's not all. Intel will be offering future "Haswell" 4th-generation Core processors next year that are rated at 10 watts and below — low-heat, power-frugal chips that are perfectly suitable for ultrabooks of these dimensions.

There will also be limited availability of current "Ivy Bridge" chips at 10 watts, said Rob DeLine, director of ultrabook product marketing, in an interview.

And let's not forget Microsoft's upcoming Intel-based Surface tablet. That will be a mere 13.5mm thick.

Acer also has a very skinny ultrabook on the way. Its upcoming sub-15mm Aspire S7 is due by October.


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grumpi posted a comment   

Today's Ultrabooks are thin enough.
I'd rather have decent performance over thinness.
Give me an 14 inch ultrabook with a processor that can burst up to 3.9GHz!

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