VOIP reviews

  • MyNetFone Linksys SPA2100

    MyNetFone Linksys SPA2100

    CNET Rating7.5
    User Rating3.8

    The SPA2100 is a good quality VoIP ATA, and comes highly recommended, although we'd suggest shopping around for an unlocked unit. 5

  • Netcomm MyNetfone V300

    Netcomm MyNetfone V300

    CNET Rating6.2
    User Rating7.0

    The V300 works just fine as a VoIP router but it lacks the firewall configuration options that all routers should have. 2

  • Skype 3

    Skype 3

    CNET Rating7.8
    User Rating10.0

    The changes to Skype 3 are mostly entertainment-oriented and there are no major upgrades to performance, but we still like Skype for its ease of use, low cost and sound quality. 1

  • ASUS AiGuru S1

    ASUS AiGuru S1

    CNET Rating7.0

    A simple to use wireless VoIP handset for Skype users that doubles as a music player.

  • Philips VOIP321 Skype Phone

    Philips VOIP321 Skype Phone

    User Rating5.9

    Avid Skype users that aren't quite willing to ditch their landline are sure to appreciate the flexibility that Philips' VOIP321 handset provides. 51

  • Philips VOIP433 Dual Phone

    Philips VOIP433 Dual Phone

    User Rating5.7

    A handy cordless phone that allows for both landline and VoIP calling through Windows Live Messenger. 13

  • Freshtel 3010 ATA

    Freshtel 3010 ATA

    CNET Rating8.0
    User Rating6.0

    Freshtel's 3010 ATA almost pulls off being an attractive ATA, but we'll settle for it being a stable and easy to use VoIP phone adaptor. 6

  • Freshtel 4030 Stick Phone

    Freshtel 4030 Stick Phone

    CNET Rating8.0
    User Rating8.7

    Travellers with VoIP fixations will love Freshtel's excellent and easily transportable USB VoIP adaptor. 3

  • Freshtel 2070 Internet Telephone

    Freshtel 2070 Internet Telephone

    CNET Rating7.0
    User Rating9.0

    Freshtel's 2070 Internet Telephone is a basic but entirely usable VoIP telephone with good audio quality and simple installation. 2

  • Freshtel 1040 Internet Telephone Headset

    Freshtel 1040 Internet Telephone Headset

    CNET Rating6.0

    The 1040 Internet Telephone Headset isn't the world's greatest VoIP headset, but it's reasonably priced, nice and light and works well enough for most PC audio applications.

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