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  • BoB Lite

    BoB Lite

    CNET Rating8.8
    User Rating6.2

    BoB's little brother isn't a speed demon, but it is simple to connect up and surprisingly powerful for such a cheap router. 7

  • iiNet BoB wireless modem

    iiNet BoB wireless modem

    CNET Rating8.2
    User Rating4.3

    iiNet customers who yearn for a simple networking life will do well out of BoB, although like most routers, it's not without its quirks. 70

  • Skype 4.1 beta

    Skype 4.1 beta

    Skype's new screen-sharing feature is a clever addition to the VoIP communications application. The new beta also sees birthday reminders reinstated, a favourite feature of past builds.

  • Engin oneHub ST790

    Engin oneHub ST790

    CNET Rating5.9
    User Rating9.0

    Engin's oneHub benefits from simplicity, but also suffers from it in comparison to other all-in-one router/VoIP solutions. 3

  • NetComm NB12WD MyCommsGateway

    NetComm NB12WD MyCommsGateway

    CNET Rating7.3
    User Rating6.7

    NetComm's all-in-one broadband, wireless and VoIP solution makes for a pretty package, but we were still left wanting just a little bit more. 4

  • Engin Voicebox 3102

    Engin Voicebox 3102

    CNET Rating7.4
    User Rating6.3

    If you want a simple VoIP box with PSTN pass-through, the Voicebox 3102 is it. It's a pity that it's locked to one VoIP provider, however, making it a slightly expensive option. 5

  • Netgear SPH200D

    Netgear SPH200D

    CNET Rating7.0
    User Rating8.0

    Ready availability of extra handsets makes the Netgear SPH200D more easily expandable than competing dual-mode cordless phones with Skype. 1

  • MyNetFone Netgear TA612V

    MyNetFone Netgear TA612V

    CNET Rating8.3
    User Rating9.3

    The TA612V is a solid unit that provides a low-cost way to make VoIP calls. It is a good choice for a household or small home office where users are keen to cut their telephone bills. 4

  • Netgear SPH101 Wi-Fi Skype Phone

    Netgear SPH101 Wi-Fi Skype Phone

    CNET Rating8.7
    User Rating5.5

    If you're hopeless Skypeaholic with a home Wi-Fi router, the SPH101 is your dream product. If you're a budget minded VoIP fanatic, maybe not. 15

  • Linksys CIT400 Skype Phone

    Linksys CIT400 Skype Phone

    User Rating10.0

    The Linksys CIT400 allows you to make both land-line and Skype calls, all without a PC. 1

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