iOS 6: no password required for updates, free apps

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Cult of Mac has reported that iOS 6 users will no longer have to enter their Apple ID password to download free apps or update existing ones.

(Credit: Apple)

It's one of those annoying steps that just seems to get in the way, especially with the fiddly iPhone keyboard and Apple's insistence on one capital letter and one number, so we're happy to see that iOS 6, among other great features, it's doing away with unnecessary password entry.

Naturally, you will still have to enter your password for buying apps and other iOS purchases, but we feel that this is a solid move that will greatly improve the iOS user experience.

iOS 6 is expected to launch sometime this coming spring.

What other features would you like to see implemented in iOS?

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ryanlawrence171 posted a comment   
United States

Good to know that, and there are many new function added in iOS 6 like “Do not disturb”etc...


Ray of Perth posted a comment   

Another Apple "Feature" copied from Android? Turn by Turn navigation- copied from Android? Video calls via 3G - what an innovation! - NOT! Siri update looks like catching up with Google Now !


SamM1 posted a comment   

It's disappointing to hear that Australia, as I understand, will not be getting turn-by-turn navigations in the new Maps app - a feature I was looking forward to.


MitchellT posted a comment   

good job apple, ripping off cydia tweaks again. i have all the features of ios 6 already on my iphone

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