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Passbook, a new Apple app coming with iOS6 that gives you a scannable code on your phone for things like boarding passes and film tickets, has been spotted in the Australian wild.

The image that Virgin Australia tweeted with its confirmation.
(Credit: Virgin Australia)

With the iPhone 5 (probably) set to be announced on Thursday, partnerships are already cemented.

The Virgin Australia compatibility with Passbook was discovered by Shaun Lorrain, Australian Business Traveller has reported. When the part-time IT consultant checked in for a Virgin Australia flight using his iPhone, which is running a developer preview build of iOS 6, it popped up the following message:

It appears you have Passbook installed on your mobile device. Would you like to add this boarding pass to your Passbook?

Virgin Australia confirmed the compatibility in a tweet yesterday: "The rumours are true, we'll be supporting Passbook for iPhone — more to come soon!"

It's a story that actually has us excited for the new feature — it looks extraordinarily useful and intuitive, responding automatically to the user's actions. And it won't just be for airlines. According to Apple's iOS 6 preview page, it can be used for film and concert tickets, café cards, vouchers and gift cards, and to scan QR codes.

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