iOS 7 update available 18 September

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The iOS 7 update for iPhones and iPads has been given its full reveal today, with new features on show and word that the free update will be available from 18 September.

iOS 7 is now ready for prime time.
(Credit: Apple)

One of the reveals at today's iPhone launch event was that iOS 7 is a native 64-bit system in conjunction with the new A7 chip, which is also a 64-bit processor. iOS7 will seamlessly support older 32-bit apps as well as 64-bit apps.

iOS 7 was announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) earlier this year, and has been through a number of beta updates for developers since that time. It is described as the biggest update to iOS since the original iPhone. The new operating system features many new design cues, with a "flat" interface styling that replaces Apple's more traditional style of using real-world materials as textures and layers in its software.

iOS 7 is available two days before the release of Apple's two new iPhones, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C, which go on sale in Australia on 20 September.

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sircraig posted a comment   

Any Iphone 4s user should be aware they will seriously degrade the performance of their 'phone iof they install ios7.

Amongst my complaints -

1. Still no backspace in in-call number pad. If you need to enter numbers to an auto response system e.g. bank account number, and you should mis-key, there is no facility to undo the error, so you are condemned to calling back.

The fools can't even make a functional telephone.

2. Volume has been markedly reduced and cannot be increased. Cannot hear caller on loudspeaker.

3. Similarly both ringing and alarm are so weak as to be useless.

4. Font on telephone screen changed to slim typeface which cannot be distinguished at my normal viewing distance (mounted on cradle on vehicle windscreen).

Some legal remedy should be available to deal with these fools.


anthonaut posted a comment   

And the benefit of a 64-bit OS on a smartphone is...? They haven't even gotten close to the 4GB RAM limit on phones yet!

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