iOS daylight savings bug alarms users

A bug in iOS's alarm clock application gave some iPhone users in Australia's daylight savings time zones a rude shock this weekend, causing alarms to go off an hour early.

iPhone alarm

(Screenshot by Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

Although the time was automatically adjusted in most iPhones for daylight savings at 2am on Sunday morning, a number of blogs and discussion forums have reported that users in New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia with recurring alarm clocks were woken up an hour earlier than the time set on the alarm.

"What really annoys me is that, judging from these forums, Apple must have known about the problem before daylight savings started in Australia, but chose not to let users know," one user wrote on the official Apple support forum.

The bug appears to be limited to iOS4 and affects recurring alarms, such as those set to wake people up during the week for work. The only solution available to users currently is to either set the alarm one hour after the time they actually want to wake up, or alternatively deactivate the recurring alarm and just remember to set the alarm before bed every night.

A number of users based in Brisbane were also reporting that their iPhones were adjusting to daylight savings time despite Queensland not being in a daylight savings time zone.

Apple was contacted for comment but had not responded at the time of writing.

(Front page image credit: Alarm Clock image by Alan Cleaver, CC2.0)


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totoaus posted a comment   

Actually, I've always found the problem is with the handset maker, not the carrier.
I've been addressing DST bugs on my old Windows Mobile 2003SE PDA for years, but it has never been a great hassle.
It doesn't have auto updates, so I have to manually check and install them.
It hasn't been updated for years, so when WA tried DST for 3 years, it probably didn't know what to do, but I had no need to check since I didn't go there. This also shows that changes to DST around the globe are not easy to keep track of.
I used to use a program called World Time on my PC to have multiple time zone clocks, but gave up on it due to the errors, I submitted corrections but they were never adressed. I now use a Symmtime from Symmetricom and download updated versions as I learn of them, and have never had a problem.
As for my mobile, the Nokia N95 hasn't shown a problem with DST over the last 16 months. I love it.
All these tech toys need maintenance, in the form of software updates; and as an engineering student I was taught to ALWAYS check your tools are correct, so I have little sympathy.


Sgios posted a comment   

I had an appointment with the Apple store yesterday. Due to this bug I went an hour late to my appointment. The arrgogant "genius" smirked at me and said I should Ive come at 3.30 instead of 4.30. I said to him "thats why I have my calendar on my iPhone - for my appointments".

Can't wait to move to Windows Mobile. This arrogance is killing me


MikeP posted a reply   

Well... with windows mobile there will be no smirking.

There will also be no genius bar or any sort of human available to help!


propagandme posted a comment   

My HTC Desire on Telstra was fine - changed the time automatically for me and the alarms are perfect. No complaints here!


Billy posted a comment   

I am in Victoria and my recurring (Mon-Fri) 7am alarm has been going off at 6am each morning since Sunday. But then when I select the 8am alarm (non-recurring) it goes off at 8am! Very annoying. Fix this Apple!!


Kelbee posted a reply   

I suffered the same all last week after resetting my phone and fiddling around with clock settings etc. each day. It was extremely puzzling that the recurring alarm was going off an hour early but one-off alarms were ok!

I'm so thankful for this article explaining the issue and it's a relief to find out it wasn't just my phone or something I wasn't doing right. I'm looking forward to an hour more of restful sleep tomorrow, finally! Haha.


BobR posted a comment   

It is not just Apple. My HTC touchHD on tel$tra did the same thing. Alarm went off at normal time and again 1 hour later. Tel$tras time also did'nt change to daylight savings, had to manually change the time.


c5173 posted a comment   

I've suffered may issues with phones & computers using the auto time update, disable it!
Phone companies and computer companies/web sites stuff this micky mouse stuff up regularly. Just adjust the time yourself like your watch and all will be fine.


Jimmy posted a comment   

Glad I've got an Android


EricJ posted a comment   

I'm also in QLD and my iPhone put me on daylight savings time as well, Simply disabling and Enabling the Automatic Time seems to have fixed my problem

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