iPad delayed until end of May

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According to a brief statement from Apple headquarters in the US, international shipments of the iPad have been delayed until the end of May because of the popularity of the device since it went on sale at the beginning of April 2010 in the US.

The company says that it has sold more than 500,000 iPads in America during its first week on sale and that demand greatly exceeds supply. Apple now intends to reveal international pricing of the iPad on Monday, 10 May, with pre-orders also beginning that day.

Somewhat incredulously the Cupertino-based company hopes that its fans "will be pleased to learn the reason [for the delay] — the iPad is a runaway success in the US thus far".

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chilliflakes posted a comment   

C'mon guys, they are an American company and they get to decide their markets. Imagine if the situation was reversed and Apple was Australian - you would have rioting on the streets if they started exporting while the locals were turned away empty handed. So crumbles the cookie.


jess posted a reply   

good point.... I would also feel that way...

I just can't wait for the iPad!!!


i_am_rufus posted a comment   

I was wavering on whether or not I should buy one or not, the other choices being some of the lower grade tablets popping up as well as the HP Slate later this year. Well this attitude from Apple has very much made my mind up. I'm not anti Apple, and I have a 3g and 3gs iPhone, I'm just saying that for a product that I was in two minds about I just simply won't buy one now. Maybe the generation 2 iPad I'll take another look. Apple really must be more mindful of how they might be putting people out by this decision.


bill posted a comment   

Well, it's now formal. The world consists of two types of human beings. Americans, to which all things must come to first, and the rest of us who must wait and know their placw!


Joseph Hanlon posted a comment   

That's a great analogy Irritated. I'm also a bit dubious about Apple not predicting 500,000 sales in the US. Could Apple actually think making non-Americans wait will increase interest?


Irritated posted a comment   

Yes, so happy to learn that because the iPad is so popular, that 400,000+ Americans are enjoying the thrills of the device, that we are told hey hey hold on, the Americans' craving for the product hasn't subdued therefore there is nothing available to non-Americans.
We wait patiently whilst Apple ensures that anyone in America who wants one, can get one tomorrow, free delivery.
Yes, very happy to learn the reason for the delay.

It feels like being in a restaurant and getting really poor service simply because there's a newspaper columnist at another table who might do a good write-up and thus get disproportionately lavish attention (and probably a free meal).


Canberra Photographer posted a reply   

Well, more like 399,998... I've seen one get smashed on YouTube and another was recently blended!

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