iPad Mini, iPad reviewed: great without surprises

Our colleagues at CNET in the US were among the first in the world to review both the iPad Mini and the new, new iPad. Their verdicts for both tablets are now finalised and available for you to peruse.

The smaller iPad Mini sitting on top of the larger new iPad.
(Credit: CNET)

CNET's Scott Stein has spent time with both of the tablets and has lavished both with praise, scoring the full-sized iPad a 9 and the small model an 8.

The iPad Mini loses marks because of its price, which Stein acknowledged to be over US$100 more than its nearest competitors. It is also a product that lacks real innovation.

"The iPad Mini is one of the few new product lines that Apple has unveiled this year, yet it's really just an incredibly shrunken-down redesign of the iPad 2," Stein said.

Stein still prefers the larger iPad, thanks to its Retina display, and believes that the iPad Mini now pushes the original into the zone of the professional who is looking for a laptop replacement.

Head over to CNET.com for an in-depth look at both tablets.

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