iPhone 5 gets faster memory, says report

The iPhone 5 will sport 1GB of system memory, twice the amount of the iPhone 4S, a chip review site has claimed.

Apple did not hide the markings on the A6 chip at the Wednesday event. This gave chip sleuths a way to determine system memory capacity and speed — so a chip review site claimed.
(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

And it's faster too, said AnandTech in a post on Saturday.

"Roughly 33 per cent more peak memory bandwidth than the iPhone 4S, which can definitely help feed the faster [graphics processing unit] and drive the higher resolution display," AnandTech said.

So, how does AnandTech know this? Apple did not hide the markings (see image above) at the Wednesday event, which revealed a Samsung — manufacturer of the A6 — part number.

We'll know for sure if it's a 1GB part or not when somebody takes apart the iPhone 5 and looks at the chip markings in a shipping product. That said, these markings show essentially the same data that is revealed in a teardown.

The iPhone 5's memory speed falls between the iPhone 4/4S and the third-generation Retina iPad, according to AnandTech.
(Credit: AnandTech)

Via CNET.com

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