iPhone 5 launches across Australia

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Apple's iPhone 5 is now available in stores across Australia, with Apple, Telstra and Optus opening their doors early to accommodate immense interest.

The front of the crowd queuing for iPhone 5 in Sydney.
(Credit: Joe Hanlon/CNET)

Sydneysiders gathered on George St in the CBD, most of whom queued at the Apple flagship store. Telstra also attracted a solid turn-out, with a DJ entertaining the crowd and staff on hand with food for those lining up. Further up the street, Optus opened at 8am for customers who pre-ordered an iPhone handset.

Conversely, Vodafone has focused on delivering phone orders rather than hosting launch events. To meet demand, Vodafone has committed to continuing deliveries during the weekend.

Apple recently reported that it had received over 2 million pre-orders globally for the new iPhone 5.

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