iPhone 5: most wanted improvements

The iPhone 5 rumours continue to fly fast and furious, and it's looking more and more like a spring launch for the next iPhone. Until Apple actually confirms or denies these rumours, we don't have any details on the phone itself ... but here is a list of the top features that we hope to see included in the iPhone 5.

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PhilippaP posted a comment   

This is supposed to be an article about what the iPhone 5 should include - so why does it always have to become a **** match between iOS and Android?

I have both, for my needs the iPhone is better; but Android does some things better - which is why I have both.

Everyone just grow up and get over it already!


lucksta101 posted a comment   

Apple is awesome though it need adobe flash support for sure


jorgemilton posted a comment   

envieme precio de este ipod


JhowieC posted a comment   

hi i got a samsung galaxy s II and iphone 4..specs based, the samsung galaxy s II is a sure winner plus the flash support but when it comes to stability, the iOS is stable compared to my samsung's android and most apps in the apple appstore are stable compared to the apps in the android market altho not all, in the end when it comes to communication the only phone i could rely on is my blackberry bold 9780, it may lack apps that you enjoy on both iphone and android phones and may be slower when using the web or multimedia but you are sure connected to business and family 24/7 with email and social networks even when you are only running on 3G while iphone and android could only do much when running WI-FI and is poorly performing on 3G and i noticed that i always get a full signal bar on my BB..


AlexisC posted a comment   

Thats the stupidest comment I've ever read.

How blind and one sided can a person be?
Since when should a handset ONLY be used to make calls?

Just because you dont want smart-phone features doesnt mean everyone else feels the same way.

Grow up


padbury posted a comment   

blah, blah Android, blah blah iPhone.
How about we all boycott both!
New contender:
Telstra eAsycall 2
Has big buttons and large font (for easy dialing)
Audible key tones (that speak to you when you dial the numbers)
Quick access switch (to contact friends & family)
And "T-Coil" (hearing Aid Compatibility)



CarlosO posted a comment   

"Oh, and Android users, don't be shy about extolling the virtues of your phones and saying how most of the items on this list are already available in Android models."



Igaal posted a comment   

My name is android, htc android and I'm here to kick iphone's ****


SisaleoT posted a comment   

the biggest thing apple needs is to let users play music over bluetooth :)


wilko91 posted a reply   

You can......

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