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CNET is among the first to publish a full and detailed review of the new Apple iPhone, awarding Apple's efforts with an Editor's Choice award.

(Credit: Apple)

US reviewer Scott Stein has completed testing, and the review awards the iPhone 5 an Editor's Choice award, scoring it four out of five stars.

"The iPhone 5 is the iPhone we've wanted since 2010, adding long-overdue upgrades like a larger screen and faster 4G LTE [long-term evolution] in a razor-sharp new design. This is the iPhone, rebooted," said Stein in the review.

The inclusion of 4G networking, the larger screen and Apple's A6 processor earned praise in the review, but it is the design that Stein rewarded most.

"It's hard to find a single part of the iPhone that hasn't been rewritten, redesigned, retooled. It's an impressive attention to detail, but it amounts to a rewriting or a heavy revision."

On the downside, marks are deducted for the lack of near-field communication (NFC), and for the fact that iPhone's competitors offer larger displays for those who want them. Stein also criticises the fact that users of the iPhone 5 on US networks Sprint and Verizon can't make calls and use data at the same time; though this isn't a factor that will bother Aussie iPhone owners.

Read the full US iPhone 5 review here.

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Jim posted a comment   

I have had my new I Phone 5 now for two days. I must congratulate Apple for the ease of changing over using I Cloud to transfer every thing over from my 4s I Phone. How simple it was. I love my new phone. And I thank Apple for making all so easy.


marsblakmon posted a comment   

So Scott Stein rewarded an outdated 3yo design, that's supposed to last another possible 2yrs, the most did he...apple may as well have called the new phone the 5 Classic...just because it the new 5 is longer & is made from a better material doesn't qualify the device to be rewarded for its design....no doubt the phone will be better than all previous iterations but this is enabled from the 5's updated innards...but nothing to do with it's almost carbon copy of the 4's basic design....again more evolution from apple...not really a great step forward from a supposed innovative company...so that's 2 newer phone's in 2 years that haven't any aesthetic appeal over the original...I've seen a few concepts floating around with essentially more appeal than the one just about to enter the marketplace...


Pining posted a comment   

4 out of 5 AND editor's choice!
It made me wonder. What is an editor's choice and when is it awarded?
You're going to know better than me what is the highest score given for an item without giving it an editor's choice as well as what is the lowest score given for an item given an editor's choice (I'll take a stab and say.....4 out of 5?).
How does the site come to the decision to award an editors choice?
(..........Unless of course it is the editor saying, "I want one of them!")


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

The Editor's Choice award is something we give to products that we feel stand out, there isn't a numeric threshold that determines it, necessarily. You'll find on the US site that the final score is 8.6, but that this is rounded down to four stars for the sake of the graphic.

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