iPhone 5 skips Australian turn-by-turn directions

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One of the watershed features in Apple's new iOS 6 software is built-in maps, though it seems that Australia will miss out on turn-by-turn directions when the firmware is released.

(Credit: Apple)

As spotted by Gizmodo AU, Apple lists regional availability for all new iOS features, and though Australia is listed for mapping directions, it isn't one of the nearly 60 countries listed for turn-by-turn navigation.

In response to this, an enterprising Whirlpool forum member emailed Apple's Scott Forstall, who reportedly replied with concerns about the mapping data available.

"Australia is definitely important to us. We first need to make sure our data is exceptional and qualified, before turning on turn-by-turn," said Forstall in the email.

In reality, this probably equates to incomplete licensing deals, rather than inaccurate map data. It's a real shame for Aussie iOS users, though it doesn't sound like a permanent situation, and there are still plenty of third-party alternatives available to fill in the gaps.

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melanthios posted a comment   

Coming in October:


BeforeS posted a comment   

i am wondering who would put an iPhone on the windscreen to expose under the aussie sun use as GPS. i wouldn't.


ataboon2t posted a comment   

google maps ;)


MarkusB posted a comment   

Aussie turn by turn navigation for iOS 6 is in qualifilying stages and will be available to Australians soon. http://9to5mac.com/2012/09/13/scott-forstall-says-that-australian-turn-by-turn-in-maps-is-in-qualifying-stages/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+9To5Mac-MacAllDay+%289+to+5+Mac+-+Apple+Intelligence%29


KarlJ posted a comment   

Thanks for that info Joe, makes it a little easier to hold off upgrading the 4S. Is there a similar site that lists iOS6 features available by phone model?


Im Batman posted a comment   

The turn by turn is available in more countries than i expected, which was just the US.

On one side, they haven't had turn by turn available to the device previously through google maps, so its just status quo.

Will be interesting to see long it takes for turn by turn to arrive here.


yoshi25688 posted a comment   

Well Siri has never been fixed, so I don't see them bothering with this.


Croc posted a comment   

Well I have an iPhone5 on order but if it does not have all the features as stated Apple can jam it where the sun does not shine. I am walking away from Windows7 because of exactly the same thing incomplete features on release and a "promise" that never eventuated that they would come in updates which was pure bs

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