iPhone 5 to sport smaller dock connector, new adapter?

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Reports are claiming that the new iPhone will have a smaller dock connector than the existing 30-pin port.

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The rumour first began circulating in October last year, with the mill heating up in May, saying that the iPhone 5 will have a new dock connector among other refinements such as a bigger screen. Reuters is reporting that the phone will come with a 19-pin connector in order to make room for the earphone jack being repositioned to the base of the phone.

While a new port may cause havoc for third-party manufacturers, yet another report said that Apple will have an adapter ready to go at the time of the iPhone 5's launch. It wouldn't be the first time that Apple has refined the design for an existing connector; an updated version of the MagSafe power adapter was announced with the new MacBooks last month.

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WilliamB6 posted a comment   

great - so we have all wasted $ buying current dock and cable


AngelaT posted a comment   

anyone have a copy of the choice review on the reception of the Next G phones. I am interested in the results but not a choice member?


Will1505 posted a reply   

dude this isn't a forum, go to engadget/gsmarena or do a google search


AngelaT posted a comment   

I have a Nokia N9 but I hear that they are not supporting this anymore so am wondering what to change to??


Will1505 posted a reply   

May as well go with the Lumia 800, same as the N9 but with windows. Blue tick as well


AngelaT posted a comment   

what is the best of the Telstra blue tick phones? Anyone tried them out as far as reception is concerned.


trebor83 posted a comment   

I agree with Joe's peice from a couple of months ago. If they are going to use a smaller connector, it should be a Thunderbolt Port. I don't know enough electrical engineering to know if it would actually be practicle, both in terms of the dimensions of the internals and whether charging from a Thunderbolt port would be possible, but if it was it would be awesomeand probably the kind of feature that may actually make me consider the iPhone for the first time


JohnnyW posted a reply   

If you need a thunderbolt connection to sway you to get an iPhone.. then I dare say the iPhone may not be for you.

I have had nearly every iPhone and the type of cord it uses is the least of my issues, compared to how good it is at making calls, having battery, being easy to use, and delivering in a quality likeable user experience. The cord? Who cares.. at most they have 64GB of data.. you really dont need Thunderbolt for what most people have.. a 16gb version. If anything a mini USB port makes more sense, but even then, its not a big deal as it not a TB of information we are talking about.


Im Batman posted a comment   

Atleast Apple have been consistent with the dock connector for along time... must be almost 10 years it has been around.

The connector is probably a given, will be intereting to see how they use it, if there are any unique special features to it... or if it is just a glorified micro USB.

Of course there will be an adaptor... but its going to look funny on the existing docks, as i suspect it will be elevated due to the adaptor, and if its a larger screened iphone, then it will be taller again.

The MagSafe one is interesting, from what i remember seeing, the new MagSafe has gone back to the MagSafe of old, the generation before... hopefully they have fixed the cable reinforcing so they don't have those issues again.

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