iPhone 5 users complain of date and time bug

iPhone 5 users who subscribe to Verizon now have another bug to add to the list.

(Credit: CNET)

Posting 21 pages of messages on the Apple Support Communities, a host of owners of the new iPhone say that the date and time are often off; sometimes by a day, other times, by as many as two weeks. So far, the problem seems specific to Verizon Wireless, as many of the people chiming in have said that they're Verizon subscribers.

"I've had the phone for about two weeks and have noticed the time drifting slowly off by 3-5 minutes," said one person. "Tonight [October 16], at 10.40pm, it changed itself to 28 September, 4.35pm."

"Mine isn't just off by 30 minutes," said another commenter. "Today, the black one was off by 15 days, plus 6 hours and 12 minutes, when I pulled it off the charger. The white one is my wife's, and she complained yesterday evening that she had to fix the time four times throughout the day."

Some people said that the problem occurs mostly at home, especially if the Wi-Fi or LTE coverage is inconsistent. Users have suggested and attempted an array of fixes, including changing the date and time from automatic to manual, resetting the phone, turning off LTE and toggling Airplane Mode. But, as is often the case, certain fixes have worked for some people, but not for everyone.

Several of those affected by the bug said that they contacted Verizon or Apple, initially with mixed results. Later posts suggested that both companies are aware of the problem and are looking into it. But a few people said that some Apple reps claimed that it was a Verizon issue, while some Verizon reps lobbed it back into Apple's court.

Has anyone in Australia experienced anything similar?

Via CNET.com

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trancedictive posted a comment   

this is what happens when 3 years is spent developing headphones, not much time is spent on more important things.


AkshayW posted a comment   

No bugs yet....!

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