iPhone could launch 12 September

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The latest iPhone rumours have attempted to pin-point Apple's desired announcement date for the company's next smartphone, with 12 September circled in the calendar.

(Credit: Apple)

According to tech blog iMore, anonymous sources with a good track record have identified the date of the announcement and believe the new phone will be in stores (in the US, at least) on 21 September. Earlier this year, the author of this blog post also predicted the launch date of the latest iPad, so here's hoping he can make it two from two.

The iMore report also stated that Apple will announce an iPad mini at the same event. It says that the smaller tablet will be exactly like the iPad as we know it today, but with a scaled down 7-inch display.

Online betting site Sportsbet might not be so pleased by this prediction, having offered longer odds on September. Those who bet a dollar when we first reported on Sportsbet's iPhone tipping would stand to make AU$3.25 in return.

There is also chatter on the web today regarding what the next iPhone could be called, with many suggesting Apple will call it just that: the next iPhone, not unlike its approach to this year's iPad. The tech savvy have been referring to this year's upcoming model as iPhone 5, though this doesn't quite make sense, given that this will be the sixth revision of the iPhone hardware.

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