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We rank the GPS navigation apps available for the iPhone from best to worst.

Because of the iPhone's excessive glare during the day and less than stellar GPS performance, we're still not won over by the iPhone navigation experience. However, if you're dead keen on using your favourite phone to guide you around town or across Australia, which is the best?

In first place is the first nav app made available on the iPhone: Sygic's Mobile Maps. At AU$80, it offers text-to-speech and lane guidance, and is the only app here that comes with both Australian and New Zealand maps.

Sitting in second spot is Navigon's MobileNavigator. Retailing also for AU$80, it comes with text-to-speech, in-app iPod control, and lane guidance with junction view that's limited to motorways.

Bringing up the rear is the much anticipated TomTom iPhone app. At AU$100, it's the most expensive app here, yet somehow misses out on lane guidance and text-to-speech. It does come with audio warnings for speed and red light cameras, though.

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Steve posted a comment   

Of course there are lot to get! But my travel companion is Gogo Navigator USA & CAN. With the awesome 3D mapping this app produces the better results than all other. Check it below


daamon posted a comment   

An interesting article, but I was disappointed to find that there was no one "stand out" sta-nav GPS app for the iPhone.

After a bit of Googling, I came across the app from Navigon - great graphics, all the features of all 3 apps reviewed above and no issues - reviews say it works in and out of the city.



debolical posted a comment   

I use Sygic almost every day (I work in real estate) and I find it works very well. I haven't had a problem with it yet and go to some out of the way areas. Would be better if I could access ipod while using, otherwise no complaints.


Yoda7 posted a comment   

My iPhone (with location service switched on) is unable to accurately determine its location. It can be anything up to a kilometre out which make it useless as a navigation device.


sadany posted a comment   

very good


lyn posted a comment   

How will these be affected by the Victorian police, and possibly other states booking motorists for using their iPhones as a GPS, on the grounds that they are using a mobile while operating a car. I read that it didn't matter if it was in a specialist cradle or not.

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