iPhone midnight launches across Australia

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Aussies eager to get their hands on Apple's iPhone 4 will have the chance to snare one early at midnight launches across the country, hosted for the first time by all four of the major telcos.

Size of parties may vary.
(Fireworks image by Bodie, CC2.0)

Optus, which has held a midnight launch for each of the previous iPhone releases, will invite customers to stores in four major cities; George St in Sydney, Queen St in Brisbane, Bourke St in Melbourne and Murray St in Perth.

The company has recruited singer and performer Kelly Rowland to celebrate the launch. Those queuing will be given scarves, beanies and beanbags to keep warm — there will also be magicians, music, games and surprises to keep customers entertained.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland (Credit: Optus)

Telstra and VHA will join the party this year, re-opening stores at midnight to meet anticipated iPhone demand.

Telstra has confirmed 25 locations across all Australian states (PDF). The telco will have co-host Matt Preston and finalists of the popular cooking show MasterChef Australia Series 2 hamming it up for fans to help "make their MasterChef dreams a reality".

MasterChef finalists will be at Telstra's flagship T-Life store in the Sydney CBD at 8pm tonight and Preston will make an appearance from 10pm. There will be apple treats for consumers prepared by the finalists and other activities including cook-offs.

The MasterChef crew

The MasterChef Australia crew (Credit: Telstra)

Meanwhile, VHA will host Vodafone and 3 customers at a private party at the Ivy in Sydney's CBD. Customers interested in choosing Vodafone or 3 as their iPhone carrier can meet with VHA reps at the Vodafone store on George St at 10pm to receive a numbered wrist-band, before partying down with free food, drinks and entertainment until their number is called and they are invited back to the store to collect their new phone.

If you're going to be queuing up in Sydney tonight be sure to rug up, and keep an eye out for the CNET crew who'll be there to capture the festivities.

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huh? posted a comment   

Nice article, but it was really another made-for-media event.

I notice that C-Net hasn't commented on the low stocks for non-city folk (like the 3G launch) and the fact that Apple haven't even gotten their act together on their on-line store at 2:30 PM.

Call me cynical, but why the fluff piece without the actual follow-up?


Billy posted a comment   

Yet another debacle from Telstra.

Their Port Melbourne store had around 200 people queued up at midnight yet only 2 people were working at the store.

No one communicated any information to the queue and the queue didn't move for 20 minutes.

Eventually one of the other customers told us that they only had a handful of phones.

Terrible communication from Telstra and terrible stock levels.

I went into a city store this morning and they only had been given 10 phones.

Why would Telstra run the ad campaigns they have given they have such low stock levels?

And how hard is to pass basic information onto to people who are queuing outside your store at midnight?

Poor form.


JDT posted a comment   

god... so many opinions about a phone most people around the world love... if you hate it don't use it.. flawed...? is any phone free of that..? lagging, bad speakers, crappy software, short battery.. iphone has a 'hair-line' fault and the world goes belly up.. sheesh..


apple hater posted a comment   

who da f cares about new iphone releasing. perhaps it should be a party for celebrating the flawed new iphone MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

seriously those ppl need to get a life!!!


apple hater too posted a reply   

apple makes me sick. they brainwashed the fans and new customers around the world...


dave posted a reply   

if your such a hater why do you read the article.
you make me sick. troll.


f u posted a reply   

i have the rights to do watever i want!! mind ur own business!!


f u posted a reply   

i have the rights to do watever i want!! mind ur own business!!


dave posted a reply   

if your such a hater why do you read the article.
you make me sick. troll.


f u posted a reply   

i have the rights to do watever i want!! mind ur own business!!


SE posted a comment   

We all know that wont happen


EricJ posted a comment   

why host a party for a flawed phone, stop making it sound so great and hiding the problems. Apple and all Telco's stocking this device should be required to tell each and every customer about its flaws before they purchase the unit


CJ posted a reply   

That would mean they would have to tell everyone that purchases any smartphone, if you grasp it with your whole hand you'll lose reception.

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