iPhone's Do Not Disturb feature broken until 7 January

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Apple's Do Not Disturb feature is living up to its name more than iPhone users would like, with a bug stopping the feature from automatically switching off at the scheduled time.

(Credit: Jason Cipriani/CNET)

In a post on it's support blog, Apple acknowledged that the problem started on New Year's Day and that it will apparently correct itself on 7 January. This date being a Monday, we wonder whether it refers to the first day that Apple expects someone with expertise to be in the office to fix it, as there appears to be no further explanation given for why the issue will be resolved on this specific date.

If you use Do Not Disturb, you will have to manually switch it on and off until next week. To do this, go to Settings, then to Notifications and then to the Do Not Disturb menu.

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StevieC posted a comment   

I thought I was going mad


Im Batman posted a comment   

It had been too long since we have had an iOS related clock/date issue... nice to see that they acknowledged it promptly.

Its always interesting to see how these little quirks crop up, like the Google one that removed December from some calander appointments.

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