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A simple, solid performer best suited to those who want to focus on their tunes. Oh, and it's a TV remote, too!

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Looking more like the remote control for an air conditioning unit than a portable music device, the 6GB E10 is nevertheless appealing to the eye, if a little blocky. Measuring 96 x 45 x 14mm, it's a bit taller than SanDisk's e200 series players, but spurns the neon accents and spinning scroll wheels in favour of basic black or white.

If we have one complaint about the design of the E10, it's that there seems to be a lot of wasted space. With the relatively small (1.5-inch, 128 by 128 pixel) display squished up the top, and the four circular navigation buttons occupying little real estate, the player has a sparse look, and seems bulkier than necessary. Being hard-drive rather than flash-based, it's understandable that the unit can't get much smaller, but the screen still feels undersized. Still, if you're into minimalism and think the iPod Nano's wafer-thinness is more wussy than wonderful, you'll be happy with the E10.

As for the few remaining buttons dotting the E10's smooth surfaces, one side has dedicated volume controls (always appreciated by us at, and the other accommodates a hold switch that doubles as a TV remote control activator -- more on that unusual feature later.

The menu structure of the E10 is like that of the lovely iRiver Clix: list-based, intuitive and with no manual-reading required. Pressing the right nav button delves into the menu layers, and the left key lifts you up a level in the hierarchy. No scroll wheels, no rockers and no touch-sensitive patches you have to stroke with your finger -- sometimes it's refreshing to get back to basics.

Besides playing MP3, WMA, ASF and OGG-formatted tunes, the E10 handles photos in JPEG flavour as well as MPEG-4 video. There's an FM radio with recording function, some cute but rudimentary Flash games, and a voice recorder to round out the features list.

Unlike the 2GB Clix, which uses Windows Media Player 11 for file transfer, the E10 comes supplied with iRiver's Plus syncing software. We received version 2, but version 3 can now be downloaded free from the iRiver site.

The most striking feature of the E10 is that it moonlights as a basic TV remote control, able to change channels, adjust volume and turn a telly on or off. The functions work as long as your teev isn't too old, and providing it was made by a supported manufacturer such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic and Philips. The feature seems closer to a novelty than a practical inclusion to us, but mischief-seeking pranksters may get a kick out of stealthily switching off the televised soccer game transfixing a crowd at the pub. Just don't blame iRiver when incensed punters tip beer on your head.

Video playback on the square display couldn't compare to the pretty pictures we saw on the Clix, but quality was acceptable. Given the hassle of converting the sizes and formats of video files, the E10 is more suited to those who aren't all that fussed about watching clips on their portable device.

iRiver claims the E10 will keep on puffing for 32 hours before the battery gives up the ghost, but our tests clocked battery life at closer to 20 hours. This is more than acceptable in the context of the player's competition, but it was disappointing to find our real-world tests falling so far short of the lofty 32-hour claim.

While the E10 couldn't quite match the sass and sexiness of the Clix, it was still a solid performer. If video playback isn't a big deal, and you'd like three times the room for your tunes, the E10 offers the same smooth navigation and quirky extras for only a little extra cash outlay.

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aparnashree posted a review   

The Good:great sound quality. good recording, sound clarity is superb...

The Bad:once formatted to delete virus , and from that time not playing any video song...

its gr8 to listen bro gifted E10 on last summer vacation....its of gr8 fun...

reesa loved it once

reesa loved it once posted a review   

The Good:-really good voice recording and fm recording
- easy controls
- heaps of space for the music you love
- cute model and light
- flash games!! i had fun
- affordable
- alarm is good
- date and time
- photo display for background. love!
- remote control (even though i didn't use it)
- browse device good if downloads aren't loaded onto software. also you can put files for school or work. really handy.

The Bad:- not great battery life
- video compatibility...don't even bother.
- freezes and many faulty problems once you use it heaps
-screen is small

since i have delt with so many problems having to reset it over and over again...i strongly don't recommend mp3 buyers to purchase iriver e10. it's good for the while but it's not the best mp3 out there. it dies easily :(

i bought this on mother's day 2007 which is in May for only $120. It has given me the best days of listening to and recording music. i also had heaps of my photography kept in it and homework for school...up until now :'(


anon posted a review   

The Good:i like the fm radio
tv remote is pretty cool
u can change the background pic
smartkey is good
good battery life compared to nano
big buttons

The Bad:a bit laggy, esp when changing songs
has died on me a few times
text colour is white
bit chunky
doesnt have same playlist features as ipod (e.g. recently added, top played, etc)

got a second hand one a couple days ago for my bday as a replacement for my 4gb nano which died
finding it pretty good so far


Ellie posted a review   

The Good:It was cheaper and contained more features than the iPod of the same size at the time. It had a remote, radio and video functions.

The Bad:After about a year it started to freeze, reset itself and generally break.

I bought it because it was cheaper than the iPod at the time. I was happy with it but dissapointed that it didn't last more than a year.

iriver is gay!

iriver is gay! posted a review   

The Good:Works as a remote..

The Bad:Slow
Deletes Songs
Dies All the time

I Hated E10! Its is soooooooo bad! If ur concidering getting it DON'T!!! Its slow, it deleted half of my songs and then I sent it for repair and it did the same thing when I got it back, it dies after like 10 seconds (not really) and its really dodgy, like mine has been on the charger for three days and it still says battery low, so i'm not bothering getting it fixed, I'm just gonna go n buy an iPod! It has crap video play back aswell.

<a href=>satellite radio</a>

satellite radio posted a review   

The Good:Stylish body.
Battery timing is average.
Great fun with its tv remote control feature.

The Bad:Nothing.

I bought iRiver E10 for its cheap price. Simple and light weight with great features. Great fun with its television remote control. Great range of it. Good battery timing and enough storage space for me.


IJH posted a review   

The Good:`You get a wicked, solid player for the money.
`Plus a few extra features (voice recording, FM radio, assignable extra button...i use it as a shuffle button)
`Easy to navigate/use (especially when in-pocket)

The Bad:`iriver Plus 3 software is a little bit annoying, but still works pretty well compared to other software I've used.
`Battery life gets a bit worse after a year's use (understandable though)
`...small screen; not ideal for Pics or Video
` ...really stuggling to find any real bad poitns

I've had mine for over a year now - got it as a replacement for my dodgy SanDisk eXXX (I forget).

Tidy, funky design. Remote control function good for a few laughs. Thing I like most about this is that I haven't had any problems with it. The screen has frozen twice, but is easily fixed by hitting the reset button. I have thrashed it (read: dropped, hit, gone running a lot) and despite there being a rattling sound when I shake it now, it still works perfectly.

Music quality is really good.

E10 is crap!

E10 is crap! posted a review   

crappp doenst work.. slow ..doesnt play back recordings.. cant view pictures.. sometimes plays a few songs other times just doesnt.. freezes quite often.. its one frustrating piece of crap want to throw it out!!!!


Renji posted a review   

The Good:Great Navigation
Drop it and it probably doesn't break
Pretty good sound quality
Great price (right now it's around $140 in Aus)
Easy to hold

The Bad:Small Screen
Too thick
Syncing software isn't as good as iTunes

Well my brother got one a couple of years ago and I thought it was great, he said I can have it as soon as he gets a Clix2, so in the end I thought it was excellent


pancake posted a review   

The Good:* Fm radio
* Voice/radio recording
* Good sound
* solid/tough (I dropped mine heaps and it lived lol)
* Drag and drop still avail on the e10
* Large size makes it easy to use, although can cause a problem
* Affordable
* it became like a lover too me... hahaha

The Bad:* Too big
* Not enough
* Interface can be a bit of a pain if your used to an ipod
* Videos are a pain to put on it, and are a waste coz screen is too small

I loved my iriver... although it did eventually die after a year and a half and i replaced it with a nano .. although I feel already that I am going to regret it ... no radio, no recording, it doesnt even have a proper booklet! stupid ipod
anyway .... My battery usually lasted upto 14 hours at a time. .. why isnt that enough ??
and yes, the remote was pretty pointless.. but it helped me heaps when I lost my Tv remote (which was fairly often)

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User Reviews / Comments  iRiver E10

  • aparnashree



    "its gr8 to listen bro gifted E10 on last summer vacation....its of gr8 fun..."

  • reesa loved it once

    reesa loved it once


    "i bought this on mother's day 2007 which is in May for only $120. It has given me the best days of listening to and recording music. i also had heaps of my photography kept in it and homework for ..."

  • anon



    "got a second hand one a couple days ago for my bday as a replacement for my 4gb nano which died
    finding it pretty good so far"

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