iRiver H320 (20GB)

This photo-friendly, feature-packed MP3 player shows promise, but it could shed some weight.

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User Reviews / Comments  iRiver H320 (20GB)

  • <a href=>ma audio</a>

    ma audio


    "Highly cleared sound and best quality which brings this iriver machines for us. I like this compact designed mp3 player. Its storage is enough for me. I thanks to my aunt which gifted this gem."

  • eruantien02



    "The H320, despite the cons below, is a fully loaded media player no matter how you look at it. Sadly mine is broken."

  • srivats_n



    "I have had 2 ipods (4 gb and a 20 gb) before this iriver. iriver may not look as sleek as the ipod, but i guess performance is the biggest factor, atleast I believe so. I would recommend the iriv..."

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