IronMonkey + Firemint = Firemonkeys

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EA has merged its two Melbourne mobile gaming-development studios, IronMonkey and Firemint, to form Firemonkeys.

(Credit: EA)

The two studios between them have garnered over 50 million players in 2012 alone, with such titles as Flight Control, Spy Mouse and Real Racing from Firemint, and Mass Effect Infiltrator, Dead Space and The Sims FreePlay from IronMonkey.

According to EA, the merged studio will collaborate on new products, as well as continue to work on separate projects.

"This is simply the most practical way to be successful, for both IronMonkey and Firemint," Tony Lay, the former general manager of IronMonkey and new general manager of Firemonkeys, told GameSpot AU. "It wasn't our original intention to merge, but since we work in the same building and we often help each other out on projects, it made a lot of sense."

Firemonkeys is now hiring for several positions, with launch and project announcements coming later this year.

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