Is Samsung's 55-inch curved OLED TV coming to Australia?

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Overnight, Samsung unveiled its US$8999 55-inch curved OLED TV for the US market.

Is Samsung's curved OLED on its way to Australia?
(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

The product joins LG's same-sized product, but undercut the pricing by around US$6000.

While this means that the US has two curved OLED TVs to choose from, Australians are still awaiting the arrival of LG's model, which was announced for a local retail launch back in May this year.

CNET Australia contacted Samsung Australia, and was given the following (admittedly vague) response from Phil Newton, vice president of consumer electronics:

I have no doubt that Australians are going to love Samsung's OLED TV. We've already seen incredible interest from our consumers regarding this product, following international announcements and the US announcement overnight. We look forward to being able to share more information about this TV as soon as possible.

The statement certainly seems to suggest that Samsung will join its rival LG in a competition for the Aussie spend on curved OLED TVs.

Interestingly, it still appears that neither company intends to launch a flat OLED panel for Western markets in the near future. At the Samsung TV launch in New York, BK Kang, senior vice president of Samsung's consumer business division, told CNET that the company has "no plans" to offer a flat OLED panel in the US.

This follows a similar statement from LG at the start of August.

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pherbie51 posted a comment   

when are these oled tvs available in retail stores ? or are they just leading us on again

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