Is this Google's 7-inch Nexus tablet?

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Rumour has it that the device you see in these photos is a 7-inch tablet that Google intends to announce at the upcoming Google I/O conference in San Francisco.

Is this Google's 7-inch tablet?
(Credit: Phone Arena)

According to Phone Arena, the images are from press release drafts of a tablet that will be Google Nexus and ASUS branded, run on a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and sell for less than US$250. Better still, the tablet will run on Android 4.1, which some believe will be the update that is codenamed Jelly Bean, though others contend that Google will save this super-cute codename for the Andorid 5.0 release some time in the future.

In these images, the design of the tablet is a pretty sexy amalgamation of some of our favourite Android handset designs. The front is strongly reminiscent of Samsung's Galaxy series, while the back looks more like an HTC phone. The really unusual inclusion is the earpeice speaker above the screen. Does Google really think people will hold a 7-inch tablet to their face to make and take calls?

(Credit: Phone Arena)

It's also highly possible that the image just shows a fan-made mock up of what the Google Nexus is hoped to look like. Fans tend to borrow elements of their favourite products when building an image of an unreleased product. Only Google knows, and hopefully they will share the news with us when Google I/O kicks off on 27 June in the US.

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BeauW posted a comment   

You can tell it's a fake, the front is identical to the Galaxy SIII.

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