It is good to eject a USB drive properly

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Do you get tired of waiting for your USB stick to finish safely ejecting? Maybe you just rip it out when everything has finished copying? Here's why it's not a good idea to just yank out that stick.

Computers can do some obnoxious things when it comes to moving and copying data, when you want it to. One is to delay transfers until there is enough data, to make it worth the trip.

So, while everything might look just fine, the computer could still be sitting on one last little data packet that could cause a corrupt data problem.

By using the formal eject option, you ensure the computer finishes moving everything required.

So be patient; take that extra few seconds to do it the right way. Or understand the risk if you don't!

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gen_x posted a comment   

Thats all well and good, but what I HATE even more is when you do use the Eject option and it tells you that "something" is still using the device. No matter how long you wait, it just keeps telling you that the device is being used.

The usual culprits for this BAD BEHAVIOUR: Windows Explorer, Windows Defender, Any Virus Scanner, Indexing, etc.

So if you are going to tell people they need to use eject, then there should be some way to FORCE it, or at least get an idea about what is holding onto it.


Will1505 posted a comment   

I have not once done the whole remove safely thing. Might just be a mac thing you have to do it on


Riddellikins posted a comment   

Never safely removed in my life, never will...

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