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iTunes Match, Apple's music-streaming and cloud music-storage service, is now working in Australia after a very shaky and confusing start.

(Screenshot by CBSi)

It's been available in the US since November, and we weren't expecting to see it until next year at the earliest, but Match snuck into iTunes yesterday. However, the owls are never what they seem; the launch was a mistake, and users from Canada, the UK and Australia yesterday and this morning were reporting that the service wasn't working, and refunds were being issued by Apple. There is good news, though; it now seems to be operational.

You can find the iTunes Match portal from the left nav-bar in iTunes.
(Screenshot by CBSi)

The annual subscription costs AU$34.99 (compared to US$24.99 in the US), and allows you to store up to 25,000 songs in the iTunes cloud — including songs that have not been purchased through Apple. Match will scan your library, find the songs via iTunes and then allow you to stream those songs to any Apple device.

Stay tuned for our CNET Australia review.

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jackwillangus posted a comment   

Purchased i5 iMac. Manually transferred music from Toshiba accross. Sync'ed phone.

Bought into hype about iclouds - subscribed.

NOW - Iclouds lifted all music from my phone. It is in "iclouds". I walk to work. I listed to my phone through my sennheiser's when I walk. NOW - I have to use up all my phone's download just to listen to the music that was on my phone to begin with! (Optus is pathetically slow out here in Rockhampton Qld, AND if you exceed your limit the financial penalties are severe).

De-synced phone from iclouds - hoping to reverse the damage.

RESULT - NO MUSIC ON PHONE NOW, and iMac refuses to sync music back to phone. Spent hours trying to get it back. This was all music I paid for, mostly with Apple in the first place!!!!

Yes - when in presence of home wi-fi, it lets me listen on my wi-fi (again - using paid download presumably to listen to something I used to own) - but I don't take wi-fi on my walk to work!

Call booked with: APPLE - Express Lane Case 273421390: Scheduled Support Call

We'll see...


Michelle Starr posted a comment   

Oh, oops! Haha, thanks for the heads up :)


SimonD1 posted a comment   

It's great that it working now but does it really cost US$24.99 in Australia. :P


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

Oh, oops! Haha, thanks for the heads up :)


JoshuaS4 posted a reply   

mine says it's $34.95 ?

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