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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

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iTunes, you should have been magnificent

Ah, iTunes. Scourge of my days, bane of my life.

(Credit: CBSi)

Not a week goes by in which you don't make me want to take my tiny fist and smash your smug pixels in.

Every time my computer grinds, chugging to a halt, as you gleefully savage my CPU.

Every time you freeze, because you've decided that loading a page is the most awful thing anyone has ever had to do, ever.

Every time you try to delete my apps, because I'm synced to two different computers.

Every time you — whoops! — lose my music while updating my iPod's firmware.

Every time you decide to stop playing the podcast I've downloaded, because I've gone to visit the store.

And, let's face it, that's not even the sum total of your problems.

Your search functions don't have nearly enough sorting options. I want to see all the new things. I want to see rising things. I want to visit a page and be able to see ratings before clicking into an item's page. If I can buy things without viewing the page, why not put the star rating there?

Sheesh, even Google can do it.

And tabs. Why can't we have some tabs?

Mind you, the way you currently run, iTunes, I think tabs would give you such a big conniption that you'd keel over and die.

See, here's the thing: you're actually pretty good at a lot of things. I like the very distinct categories you have for apps. I like that it's really easy to find something, if you know what to look for. I like the layouts you have, and I like that you have lists for the most popular apps and the highest grossing. You have the best app marketplace in the smartphone-iverse.

In theory, you ought to be great. Look at all the stuff you can do! You manage TV, podcasts, apps, university lectures, music, books. You ought to swim sleekly through your processes like a balletic sea lion; instead, you flop and flail like a demented beached manatee.

We're stuck with each other, so there's nothing I can do; but, damn it, iTunes, I just look at you and all I can see is wasted potential.

We could have been such friends.

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FurryDave posted a comment   
United States

Michelle, I think I love you. I have been griping about iTunes since I bought my iPod. And all the Apple fanboys that I know say "No, there is no problem". I now have an iPhone 4s, which I love. But it is still frustrating that the hardware can be so good, and yet iTunes is so awful, at everything...
Deleting all the music off your device for no apparent reason... Yes... Too many times to count...
And then there was the time I tried checking out an audio book from my local library, and sync it onto my ipod for a trip... Now there is an entire afternoon I will never get back...
I buy lots of music from Trance Around the World (on iTunes). Each of the tracks on a compilation album will have 2 or 3 artists and multiple producers, for each track. Trying to find a specific track on a specific album can be impossible...

Careful Michelle, those Apple fanboys will be after you...


Jive Turkey posted a comment   

I agree that Itunes sucks, but instead of just a rant, how about a research article on alternatives.

Not that there's another single app that does everything Itunes does, but most of the functions are available elsewhere. Many Itunes users would only use a few of the key functions anyway.


JeremyN posted a comment   

I actually cannot handle itunes and my computer would agree. I'm in Australia have been using Google music since the end of last year and it's great. You're able to upload 20000 songs into the cloud! All you need to do is download 'Tor', a browser that allows you to mirror an IP address -use one from the US- and go to google music and log in!


BillWindows posted a comment   

Try ripping some "best of" Albums, when I first did it, a few days later I wondered where all this strange music was coming from, so I deleted the stuff. I ripped some more albums and ended up with more strange tracks with different singers.
I ripped 100 albums and ended up with 177, iTunes thoughtfully split the albums into little pieces for me.
I'm absolutely convinced iTunes is a virus on Windows computers.


Jive Turkey posted a reply   

It doesn't even have to be "best of" albums. Itunes will overwrite anything it feels like unless you disable "Automatically retrieve CD track names from Internet".

My friends' band have released one EP, obviously not a best of. The band's name is "The M.Y." and for no apparent reason Itunes renames the artist to "M.A.Y.A.".


Runrate posted a comment   

There is plenty you can do, just move away from Apple. Sheesh it`s not compulsory to be closed minded and locked in. Your pain is self inflicted, move elsewhere. People will still think you are cool.


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

I primarily use iTunes to get apps to review for CNET, but thanks for the advice!

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