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Jawbone's Jambox portable speaker has been revised into a slightly less portable, but roomier, Big Jambox.

(Credit: Jawbone)

The new speaker unit is nearly twice the size of the original Jambox, and over three times as heavy, but Jawbone is promising a big sound to match its heftier dimensions. It's still a wireless speaker, too, connecting via Bluetooth to phones, tablets and PCs, with a 15-hour battery time estimate for when you move the speaker away from a power source.

The Big Jambox runs on a proprietary software system, which can be updated over a USB connection to a computer. Users can customise the sound of the system with the Jawbone MyTalk software, including the voice that announces system info, like remaining battery time.

The bigger Jambox does attract a higher price tag, too, with the Australian RRP set at AU$349.

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