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If you saw Casino Royale at the cinema, you may have been distracted from the car chases and parkour action by the copious amount of Sony-branded gadgets on display.

Since the 007 film franchise is under the helm of Sony-owned Columbia Pictures, the script included scenes outing Bond as a Vaio aficionado, Blu-ray junkie and owner of a life-saving Sony Ericsson C902.

The gratuitous product placement is set to continue in the latest Bond instalment, the soon-to-be-released Quantum of Solace. Word from Sony is that Jimmy B's portable gadget arsenal will include a TG1 Handycam, Cyber-shot T77 digicam and an FW series Vaio laptop. Calls to Camille, the latest Bond girl, will be made on a limited edition Titanium C902; Camille herself totes a white W350i.

When the intrepid suavester finds time to relax in his own digs, he'll kick back and watch a Blu-ray flick using his BDP-S350 player, Bravia X4500 telly and IS100 home theatre system. Frankly, we'll be shocked if we don't see a scene where Daniel Craig's brow furrow majestically as he warbles his way through Diamonds Are Forever on Singstar: 007 for PS3.

As for whether the products live up to the Bollinger-quaffing, Omega watch-wearing Bond standard, check out our thoughts on some of the movie's gadget stars below.

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