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Australia's gold-medal favourite James Magnussen tells CNET Australia about the personal tech that makes a difference in his life.

Australia loves to dominate in the pool, and few right now are as dominant as the current 100m World Champion swimmer James Magnussen. He holds the fourth fastest swim ever over 100m, and is now the spearhead of the Australian men's swim team. Magnussen answered a few questions for CNET Australia about his favourite tech and how the tech helps him stay on top and in touch while on the road to London 2012.

James Magnussen: not to actual scale.
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How important is technology in today's training regimen? How does the tech directly improve training and performance?

Technology is really important in my training. My coach and I use the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to record my training, and we are able to receive instantaneous feedback on my stroke and look at ways that I can improve my race and eliminate any imperfections with my technique.

What's the tech you couldn't live without?

I couldn't live without my smartphone. It has everything I need to keep in touch with friends and family, it keeps me organised, I am able to answer emails on the go and it has everything I need to relax and have some fun.

What tech do you miss when you're on the road?

I would have to say that I miss my Smart TV the most when I am away; it is great for watching the NRL. Unfortunately, it is one of the only products that I can't take away on trips with me.

When you're on the road at a meet, how does tech help you stay in touch with friends and family?

My [Samsung Galaxy] S3 and Tab are great for keeping in touch with friends and family. I am always on it, either on social media or on Skype.

What's your top three apps?

Commbank, Samsung Music Hub and Formula 1.

What websites are top of your bookmark list?

Bulldogs NRL website and Body Science.

What's your hot tip for the rest of us from your use of tech, while under pressure or away from home?

While I am away from home and travelling a lot, I use my Tab to watch movies. It helps pass the time and it helps me think about something other than swimming.

What tech will be most important to you while you're in London for the Games?

My Tab and my camera will be very important whilst I am in London. I use my Tab in training, and that will be great to film my sessions and look at my stroke. I also hope to take lots of photos whilst I am away, I'll definitely use my camera [the Samsung WB150F SMART] to capture some memories.

Have you ever dropped your phone in a pool?

I am very careful with my phone, so no, I haven't dropped it in the pool. Yet.

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Potable Water posted a comment   

Im a reader, ive judged what he has to say, and I think that this reads like blatant product placement.

To be fair though, he probably actually does have all these products because Samsung wouldve given them too him as part of a sponsorship deal.

He also forgot to mention his Samsung fridge which keeps all his food cold which gives him the energy to train.


techy655 posted a comment   

This is clearly a gratuitous product placement piece for Samsung. CNET, I expected a lot more.


Seamus Byrne posted a reply   

He's a big name at the latest Olympics, we asked questions, he replied. We thought we'd share and leave it to readers to judge what he had to say.


trebor83 posted a reply   

He was well drilled by the Olympic team's media officer to remember that Samsung are their technology sponsor and that therefore he loves all of their stuff.


AnthonyH5 posted a reply   

That's a cop out. Such sponsorship deals should be declared where the subject of an article is sponsored.Eg. "Samsung is a sponsor of ...."Definite Media Watch material this one!


MarcT1 posted a reply   

Seriously, this is a cop out. Your response is actually worse than the article itself. You can report what he tells you but you should probably also report the fact that James has professional endorsements with all the stated organisations in the article.

Disappointing lack of journalistic integrity.

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