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Who says celebrity chefs are only good at whipping up gourmet meals? Jamie Oliver's not too bad with a camera, either.

(Screenshot by CBSi)

Oliver has endorsed a range of entry-level Nikon SLRs over the years, and this video gives you a very small peek behind the scenes of what happens at a shoot. Oliver has worked with professional food photographer David Loftus for 15 years to craft his images for cookbooks.

For the gear spotters out there, Loftus is using a Nikon D4, and Oliver is shooting with the D3200 and the kit 18-55mm lens. We're not sure what lens is on the D4, but it looks like it could be a 50mm f/1.2 — bonus points for identifying the glass in the comments below.

The photos shot by Loftus in the video aren't his best (in fact, Oliver's actually look more attractive), but if you want more of an insight into how he shoots and the sort of work he produces, check out this interview.

Below is Oliver's take on photography, filmed a few years ago. Obviously he's come a fair way since then, given how many photographic terms he got mixed up.

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AndreD1 posted a comment   

I think it is the Nikkor 50/1.8D, the 1.2 is manual focus only


YiannitsaC posted a comment   

I believe it to be the Nikon 35mm f/1.4G, the clue is when he says "you can shoot wide" or on those lines and also by the shape of the lens.


Rolloxan posted a comment   

Who cares what lenses they're using! They've got both cameras hooked up with wireless transmitters to Capture One Pro 7! Geniussss. That's cool


zachliepa posted a comment   

I am a Canon user but I think it is a Nikon 50mm f1.4 D lens. Let me know if it is thanks!

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