Japanese man creates AR girlfriend

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Using a motion sensor and a pair of video glasses, a Japanese hacker has created an augmented-reality (AR) anime girlfriend that interacts with the user.

(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

The hacker, who goes by the handle Alsionesvx, hacked together the Asus Xtion Pro motion sensor and the Vuzix Wrap 920 VR glasses to create a copy of Japanese virtual pop idol Hatsune Miku, as reported by Hack a Day.

It's an impressive piece of work. Hatsune Miku will track the user with her head and eyes, follow them around and even interact with both the user and her environment — she casts a shadow, will disappear behind objects in front of her, and the video below shows Alsionesvx patting her, hitting her over the head and flipping her tie. It's a little bit odd, at the very least, and disconcerting at the end, but we're still blown away by the home-made ingenuity of it all.

Check it out in the YouTube video below.

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PeterG7 posted a comment   

Another Sci-Fi dream becomes reality, this will be the next big thing in technology.


BlackwidowL posted a comment   

half step to virtual reality


soapdiscs posted a comment   

thats my n**** right there


NathanB9 posted a comment   

William Shatner will be pleased.

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