Jawbone Mini Jambox and the dazzling LiveAudio

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Jawbone has used the LiveAudio algorithm across its Jambox range, but the audio widening makes the Mini sound truly remarkable.

The Jawbone Mini Jambox is an impressive piece of hardware. Beautifully designed and crafted with audio that outweighs its size. When you compare with larger Bluetooth speaker options you can tell it is losing a little quality for being so much smaller, but what it achieves in something small enough to fit into a clutch purse is remarkable.

But then there's an added benefit of Jawbone's LiveAudio technology. A special algorithm that aims to replicate the crisp separation produced by binaural recording — a method that uses two microphones positioned exactly where a set of ears would be on a person's head. The algorithm used by the Mini Jambox produces an effect that opens up the sound and makes the experience seem much larger than seems possible from this little package.

The LiveAudio effect is available in all Jambox products, but it seems to be particularly good at helping the Mini Jambox punch well above its weight.

The Mini Jambox is AU$229 from Apple Stores which is expensive when compared with others in the category, but for something that looks and sounds this good it's going to win many fans.

Here's a LiveAudio demonstration from Jawbone's own YouTube channel with a number of great demonstrations for the technology. Watch with headphones to understand the effect this recording format and the related algorithms can produce.

And here's our favourite binaural recording. Pop on your headphones and enjoy a virtual haircut.

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