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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Jeans let you use your smartphone in your pocket

(Credit: Alphyn Industries)

New user interfaces like Siri and Google's voice actions have made the iPhone and Android phones arguably easier to interact with. But the laziest among us continue to demand more. When, oh when, will someone finally eliminate the tiresome step of having to physically pull our devices out of our own pockets?

The solution for such a sloth has arrived. Alphyn Industries' Delta415 Wearcom jeans appear to be the first pair of pants that let you send a text, skip a track or sling an angry bird from the secure comfort of your pocket. The Wearcom pockets feature a clear polymer film that you can see and use a touch screen, through. When not in use, an extra flap of denim covers the screen (and the emergency pack of cigarettes you carry in your pocket that your significant other doesn't know about), making you appear to be just another fashionista, clinging to the bygone hipness of quasi-cargo pants.

Another nifty, if somewhat confusing, feature is the added hole in the front of the pocket that allows you to thread headphones through, giving the wearer the sexy appearance of having a fully wired upper thigh.

Despite clearly being the height of geek fashion, and all jokes aside, I can envision numerous practical applications for the Wearcom jeans, such as using your device in wet or sandy conditions.

The price to be able to surf your smartphone in stealth is US$160, and Alphyn have said that the pocket fits most Android and iPhone models. I wouldn't suggest ordering a pair using Siri — she's not likely to appreciate being muffled by a layer of plastic.


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