Jetstar sets record straight on iPads

Low-cost airline Jetstar has today set the record straight on its plans to deploy iPads in-flight, dashing reports of an April roll-out.

Jetstar A330

Jetstar A330
(Airbus A330 image by David McKelvey, CC2.0)

Jetstar's head of corporate communications, Simon Westaway, told ZDNet Australia today that reports about the iPad devices being deployed for travellers by April were erroneous.

"In due course we'll provide a full commercial unveil, and until such time we're not in a position to provide much more currency to speculation," Westaway said.

Jetstar also addressed claims that the cost of renting the device in-flight would come in at $10.

"We currently have no official date … no official pricing as yet," Westaway said.

"We're not trying to play secret squirrel here, but we're not yet ready to do the unveil [to the market]," Westaway assured.

Jetstar had originally intended to put iPads onto its aircraft by Christmas 2010, pending licensing agreements with Apple and content distributors. According to Westaway, those negotiations are still in progress.

Stephen Tame, Jetstar's chief information officer and general manager of IT, said last October that he hoped the devices would be rolled out across the airline's fleet of Airbus A320-200 aircraft, which travel throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.


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anthony.p posted a comment   

given the attention of this, it might spur on other australian airlines...consumer wins either way.


lol posted a reply   

apple wins either way.

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