JMC Soundboard makes music out of wood

Good guitars tend to be made of good-quality wood, and JMC Lutherie, a Switzerland-based company, prides itself on handcrafting these instruments out of the finest trees. Straying away from its specialty, JMC's latest release is a loudspeaker.

But will it look as good without the lovely lady and the lakeside apartment?
(Credit: JMC Lutherie)

The Soundboard speaker is said to be made of 350-year-old spruce wood from the Swiss Risoud forest, and requires 80W to drive each of its two channels. Unlike regular loudspeakers, JMC's new, wall-mountable Soundboard uses the resonance of wood to create sound — a technology that seems similar to the Soundbug device that we saw many years ago.

When in use, the Soundboard looks like a wall decoration, and is available in four shades: natural (the colour shown in the picture), dark brown, black and white. Limited-edition versions that look like paintings are also available.

If you're interested in having an artsy high-end speaker installation in your Art Deco-styled apartment, a list of distributors is available here. High prices are to be expected with such niche products, and one Soundboard will set you back about US$6500.

Via CNET Asia

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