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Nic Healey can usually be found on a couch muttering about aspect ratios and 7.1 channel sound - which is helpful given that he's the home entertainment guy at CNET.

The much-loved actor from Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Lord of the Rings and more spoke to us about science fiction, gastroenteritis, Uwe Boll and more.

To publicise the recent release of the Indiana Jones series on Blu-ray, John Rhys-Davies — Sallah from the Indy films, Gimli from LotR, Professor Arturo from Sliders — came into the CNET Australia offices for a chat.

Rhys-Davies is a raconteur of the old school — a baritone storyteller with an encyclopedic set of knowledge. As such, the video below is just a short part of the full 38-minute interview, which was mostly conducted by him, with the CNET Australia team along for the ride.

If you're keen — and have a little over half an hour to kill — the full-length video is here. It's a long, fascinating ramble that covers the Roman Empire, the difficulty of writing your on TV show and even — *gulp* — global warming.

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