Jurassic Park to be reworked into 3D

Universal Pictures has announced that the '90s classic Jurassic Park will be remastered into 3D and will hit US screens in July 2013.

As Samuel L Jackson's Jurassic Park character Ray Arnold says, "Hold on to your butts".

When Jurassic Park debuted nearly 20 years ago, it served as one of the definitive visual spectacles of this writer's generation, like Star Wars was for children of the '70s.

The original movie featured many of the necessary ingredients in the blockbuster recipe: Spielberg directing, solid acting, great script and majestic orchestra pieces by John Williams. One could even say the animation and graphics hold ground to this day.

As a 9-year-old, this young 'un saw those rascally Raptors at least eight times in the theatre.

Will Jurassic Park work in 3D? We've convinced ourselves that Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D won't fly. That perspective changed quickly when we sat in the theatre and actually watched the movie. Our scepticism switched to pure joy as the enhanced visuals made it feel like we were seeing the movie for the first time in some ways.

We hope the same attention to detail used with the Star Wars re-releases, such as frame-by-frame 3D sampling, occurs for Jurassic Park 3D.


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