Kevin Rudd joins Twitter

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has started an account on the Twitter micro-blogging service, but it is not know if the politician maintains the account in person.

Kevin Rudd
(Credit: PM's office)

The PM's presence on the service comes behind opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull, who has maintained a presence on Twitter since October. Turnbull has been verified to post messages on his account personally and interact with the community.

At the time of writing Rudd's only post was "Looking forward to communicating with you on Twitter". He had 247 followers and was followed by 80 other people.

The Twitter account provides an addition to the PM's renewed web presence, which includes a Facebook account, a MySpace page, a YouTube Channel, and a personal website.


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Jules posted a comment   

Mr Rudd you have been the best prime minister this country has ever had or will have. You have been the only PM to honour the election promises. The beauty of this being, to help the little person, who I happen to be one of. My husband is a viet. vet, with the usual effects from war and usually the government.Not so with you Mr Rudd. He admires you for putting yourself out there and for doing such an awe inspiring job with a very tattered Australia, withering under the oppressive whip of the liberal party. When Labour won the election we felt a weight lifted and a for the period which you have served this country, being our most confident time. This is a very difficult time.Unfortunately the mining industry has been holding our government to ransom regarding the new mining tax, and have obviously been GOT. tOO LONG HAVE THE MINING INDUSTRY CALLED THE SHOTS WITH WHAT EVER COUNTRY THEY HAVE AGREEMENTS WITH. Mr Rudd, I for one was proud you had the courage to do so. When will the plebs open their eyes to see what is really there and what is really happening, not just here but to so many other countries rich with resources! If feel devistated at the fact, the rabble rouses in the peripheral of the party could not be silenced.
May enlightenment be your partner.


wheres my money posted a comment   

ive been waiting too long for my money, hurry up and send it or i wont contribute any more to the economy

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