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An Aussie design team has taken its latest project to Kickstarter for funding, calling for US$35,000 to get the ball rolling on the production of an ingenious new mounting system for the iPhone, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II smartphones.

The Wallee M mounting system.
(Credit: Studio Proper)

The Wallee M Modular Magnetic Phone Mounting System is comprised of several components, designed to securely fix the phone to a number of different surfaces. A specially designed phone case has magnetic grooves etched into it, and three different connections hold the phone in place. One is designed to be fixed flat to a wall, another is for in-car use and the third is a stand that transforms your phone into a little monitor or TV set.

The accessory is designed specifically for the models listed above, and comes in either black or white.

Melbourne-based Studio Proper has posted the design on Kickstarter, and is listing eight different pledge levels, from US$5 to US$2400 for a resellers package. To secure one of the first Wallee M units, contributors will need to pledge US$40 or more. This is the company's first Kickstarter project, but it is not its first successful iPhone/iPad accessory design, having created the Wallee mounting system for tablets and the Pix & Stix musical accessory for GarageBand iOS devices.

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SteveH3 posted a comment   

Magnets, next to a hard drive???? Not very smart!!!


KatyB posted a comment   

I have concerns about magnets - have you ever had a id card or credit card accidentally demagnitized??


jmm99 posted a comment   

This is way to expensive for what it is $70 for the in car solution no thanks. There a similar but ugly products on Amazon for $6.95


StudioProper posted a reply   

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for :)

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