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Mobile broadband data charges are a real bugbear in Australia, which is probably why Amazon has opted to go with free 3G in all Kindles.

(Credit: Amazon)

Amazon, one of the world's largest online stores, has recently made its ebook reader, the Kindle, available to customers outside of the US. The Kindle stores and reads a small selection of ebook text files and PDFs, and displays the text using a monochromatic display type known as E-Ink. Books available in this format can be bought through Amazon's online store, which can be accessed from a PC or directly through the Kindle using a 3G data connection.

Data associated with downloading a new book is paid for by Amazon, and is included in the purchase price of the Kindle; there are no ongoing contracts associated with buying one. Amazon estimates that customers can download a new book through its store in under 60 seconds, though actual download times would vary depending on signal strength and whether 3G network coverage is available.

The Kindle is available through Amazon's US website for US$259 (AU$279 at the time of writing) and while ebooks vary in price, most bestsellers cost between US$9.99 and US$11.99. There are currently approximately 288,000 ebooks available to Australian Amazon customers.

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666monkeys posted a comment   

If you have wi-fi at home and work, would you bother with the 3G model?


Benny posted a comment   

I'm sure I read on another site (possible Australian IT) that the reason we are paying about $4 per book more than in the US is is because Amazon could not reach an agreement with Telstra to run it's service. They didn't want to use other providers due to coverage issues, so instead it uses expensive data roaming provided by AT&T in the US.

So in fact you are paying for the data every time you download a book.


JB posted a comment   

The extended warranty is not available in Australia. There is a lot of disturbing stuff out there which says the battery goes dead soon after a year. I love the device but will I be spending on a new one the moment the one year warranty runs out??


Camerooni posted a comment   

Nothing like region locking books!
This is PROGRESS! =)


Anome posted a comment   

I actually think the download cost is factored into the price of the books, not the price of the Kindle, which explains the disparity in price between the US and overseas markets (particularly here). It would also make more sense, since then they would be recouping the cost on a usage basis.


woops posted a comment   

Data will not be free, unless Amazon has specific relationships established with each of the telcos here, hence, you are likley to pay for content download against your data allowance/charging.


JB posted a comment   

Got one for my wife as a birthday present. Thats the only electronic device she has ever shown an interest in!! It down loads a book in seconds and the one click checkout is marvellous...though tempts her to spend lots!! But Amazon must get us the bestseller list. One feels cheated with the "old "book selection. It must be just a matter of duties and taxes and easy to sort out. Get on with it Amazon posted a comment   

I've got one too. I don't think that it supports Wi-Fi. Only 2G/3G and USB.


James Meyer posted a reply   

Hi , so could you tell me ,are you happy with the Kindle in Australia. My wife is thinking to get one, but is not clear how much the books cost ? Do they go above $12.- AUD ?
Thanx posted a comment   

I've got one too. I don't think that it supports Wi-Fi. Only 2G/3G and USB.

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