Kinect 720 specs leak onto the web

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According to website VG Leaks, the specs for Microsoft's next Kinect peripheral have leaked onto the web.

(Credit: Microsoft)

It's curious timing, amid all the PlayStation 4 hubbub, but, according to VG Leaks, we're getting a better idea of what we'll be getting with the next-gen Kinect.

Earlier this year, we saw Microsoft's IllumiRoom concept that vastly ups the capabilities of what the stereo camera can do; and, with Sony today announcing a Kinect-like camera of its own, we expect Microsoft's to carry a few upgrades.

VG Leaks didn't mention a source, but it did include a list of specs comparing the new sensor to the old:

(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

These specs indicate that the new sensor will have a wider field of view; however, since it no longer has a tilt motor, it's going to need it. The new field of view covers an area 5.6 metres wide and 4.6 meters high, at a depth of 4 metres.

The new colour stream means that the sensor would be able to return a full HD resolution, while the depth sensor is more precise.

According to VG Leaks, the new sensor will also be able to track up to six active players, including shorter players (children); sense whether your hands are open or closed; and improve on the current tracking quite significantly, allowing the Kinect to recognise irregular poses more easily.

The full list of breakdowns, which you can read on VG Leaks, certainly sounds plausible to us.

Microsoft has not yet responded to CNET Australia's request for comment.

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