Knock-offs of Apple's Lightning connector may be on their way

By cracking the Lightning authentication chips, unauthorised accessory makers have figured out how to make connectors work with Apple's new standard — can lawsuits be far behind?

Apple's new Lightning connector for its iPhone 5 and new iPod Touch.
(Credit: Apple)

Apple has retained strict control over Lightning connector accessories, but MacRumors is reporting that some companies have cracked the authorisation chips that are required, to make generic versions of the adapter.

Last month, Apple revealed that the iPhone 5 would use a new cable, dubbed Lightning, replacing the 30-pin connector Apple had been used since 2003. Since introducing the new connector, Apple has limited the number of companies that can make accessories for the new Lightning interface, and reportedly, it hasn't yet approved any new facilities to build the device.

Apple reportedly installs an authorisation chip in its adapters, but MacRumors is reporting that companies are making cracked chips that bypass Apple's authentication functions. One Lightning-connector maker, iPhone5mod, told the site that though it's currently using original chips from Apple's supplier, but the cracked chips that it has obtained are working just as well as the original chips.

This could mean that we may soon see a big bump in unauthorised Lightning accessories.

We reached out to Apple for comment, and will update if we receive any information.


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StevieC posted a comment   

apple are just *holes. we all use their devices and buy heaps of those little cables and chargers etc so our fone is always charged and all our friends can charge. its all about usability, which they're now restricting. moving to more open handsets next time.


hihi123 posted a comment   

"genuises" - huh

idiots. lawsuits over round edges, apple should be thrown in the bin. they are everything this planet does not need.


JohnnyW posted a comment   

Yeah that was going to take long wasnt it.. its a cable. I think people have already cracked the Android and iOS platforms.. I don't think the charge cable was ever going to be an issue.


Will1505 posted a comment   

I don't think a lawsuit would really hold up would it? Unless apple also patiented the bypass?

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