Kobo eReader

It may not get up to all the fancy-schmancy shenanigans that more expensive e-readers do, but it does what it does very well indeed. The Kobo eReader is a sleek and simple device that performs excellently with a minimum of fuss.

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  • kik11e



    "I have had my KOBO for three years it is 3 weeks short of it third birthday and mine. Its fabulous - wouldn't recommend any other.
    But alas - despite its cover and the fact it is well cared ..."

  • ubute2000



    "I had had my kobo for 6 months, had a cover for protection from the start and was very happy with it and would have recommended to family and friends, but 6 weeks ago I had problems with the screen..."

  • Gabemc



    "Iam really disappointed since purchasing my ereader in April. The battery is lucky to last 1 day and when travelling this is not good enough. Now were I have purchased has closed down - so what nex..."

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